CAPIL'ACTIF - hair thickening fibers

Improve the volume of your hair with natural keratin fibers. Your volume will appear more dense in a few seconds.

- What is the keratin fiber Capilactif?

Capilactif Keratin fibers are a natural blend of organic keratin protein similar to your own hair. The keratin fibers are cut with great precision in micro particles. These very small particles have the characteristics of `sticking to your hair with a static electromagnetic principle to give volume to your existing hair.

- The keratin fibers Capilactif are they safe?

They are completely safe. Capilactif keratin fibers are designed with the same organic Keratin protein as your natural hair.

- How do I apply the keratin fibers Capilactif?

To get better results but also better adhesion to your hair, they must be clean. Sprinkle at a distance of about 2 to 3 inches from scalp till a desired coverage is obtained. Apply hairspray to keep up the keratin fibers.

- How to remove micro fiber keratins Capilactif?

Simply wash your hair as usual.

- The keratin fibers Capilactif they can be used with a preventive treatment?

The combination of micro fiber with all treatments for the prevention of `will provide coverage of bald areas.

- How many colors of micro fiber keratin Capilactif are available?

The keratin fibers are available in 7 attractive colors such as Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, Blonde, Auburn, and Black.

- Can I use a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron?

Definitely! At first you finalize your styling and eventually you apply the micro fiber keratins.