Surgery step by step

Here is the step-by-step of a person wishing to use a hair transplant until he returned home after surgery:

Since there are different solutions to hair loss, it is very important to meet with a consultant who will guide you to the most appropriate solution to your problem.

The hair transplant medical consultation
When it has been determined that the hair transplant is a potential option for you, and you think about this solution, the next step is to meet with our surgeon to confirm your choice and revise the medical aspect of the surgery.

The day of surgery

Upon arriving at the clinic 30 minutes before the scheduled time of surgery, the patient presents to the reception and the payment terms are discussed with the patient. Once the formalities are completed, the patient is ready to join the surgical team.

Meeting with the doctor
Before starting the surgery, the patient discusses with the doctor and together they determine the area that will receive more hair. Eventually he will be taking pictures for future follow-up.

If everything is in order, the surgeon give the patient an antibiotic to take before the surgery. A painkiller and a relaxing are also available if the patient wants.

The donor area anesthesia
The first step of the surgery is to do a local anesthesia of the donor area.

TakingThe removal of the strip of scalp takes a few minutes and then the wound is then closed with suture. During this procedure, the patient is comfortably seated. Disection The drawn strip is then cut into smaller units of hair, more commonly referred to as "grafts" which are located on the scalp of the recipient area.

The recipient area anesthesia
The recipient area is anesthetized in the same way that the donor area. The doctor then slits on the areas to be covered, which is quite painless for the patient. This step is shorter or longer depending on the number of grafts implanted.

Grafts establishment
This stage will lasts about two hours depending on the number of grafts. All small grafts are implanted one by one in the small incision. Note that this step is in no way difficult or painful for the patient.

Grafts stabilization
Once all the grafts are implanted , your scalp will be blow with cold air in order to secure the grafts in their new environment. This step avoids wearing a bandage over the whole head. It may be necessary to wear a dressing bandage for a few hours, then back to healing to protect the wound from the donor area.

Postoperative instructions
Before the patient leaves the clinic, the doctor explains postoperative onstructions to follow at home and answered questions from the patient . An appointment to remove the sutures is then fixed in about ten days after surgery and the patient is ready to go home, accompanied by someone.

An appointment for a follow-up is set-up six to eight months after the surgery in order to see the final result.